About Us

Our Mission

Quality Drive Away’s success is directly related to the services we provide to our customers and independent drivers. We are proud of our ability to focus on the ever-changing needs of our customers and our drivers’ ability to provide them with a flexible, dependable service in a timely and reliable manner. As a customer driven company, we are committed to meeting both the present and future transportation needs of this diverse industry.

Our Company History

It started in 1987 with two drivers and a man with a vision. Now, Quality Drive Away has a driver base of up to 2,500 contract drivers. Quality Drive Away, Inc. has evolved from a small operation to an industry leader in the transport of drive away freight.

In 1987, two motorized drivers began as an in-house carrier for a local RV Manufacturer in Elkhart County, Indiana under the banner Ideal Transportation. With a dedication to providing the best possible customer service, Ideal Transport grew, gathering more drivers and customers. With its newfound growth, Ideal Transportation was looking for a business partner that valued fairness and integrity.

In the fall of 1990, the company was reorganized under a family-owned partnership with the new moniker Quality Drive Away, Inc. This partnership was incorporated in 1991 and Ideal Transportation came a part of Quality’s tractor/trailer operation, working with pickup truck operators to deliver travel trailers and 5th wheel RVs. Meanwhile, Quality specialized in the driveaway delivery of motorhomes.

As the company grew, Quality diversified by expanding its commodities outside the RV market. By penetrating the commercial arena, Quality was able to stabilize its driver base, using commercial business that was counter seasonal and counter cyclical to the RV market. Expanding their business also meant increasing “backhaul” opportunities for Quality drivers. Today, the company boasts about having the highest reload opportunities in the industry.

In 2005, Quality Drive Away, Inc. acquired Baker Transport, which specialized in moving cargo trailers and automobiles. By integrating Baker’s expertise in this segment of transportation, Quality was able to expand its services, customer base, and driver base even further. In December of 2010, five years later, Baker Transport was renamed Foremost Transport. Foremost Transport, Inc., used its considerable fleet of owner/operators to assume all responsibilities for moving towable freight with pickup trucks and flatbed freight with lowboy trailers and haul & tow trucks, while Quality Drive Away, Inc. focused on other significant driveaway segments.

In 2014, Quality Drive Away’s customer service and dispatch departments relocated a completely renovated facility that consisted of a 150-year old farmhouse, while supporting departments remained at the previous facility. Quality Drive Away, Inc. continues to provide the same level of service that two drivers and a man with a vision provided back in 1987, but now offering several major locations across the United States. Quality takes tens of thousands of units and delivers them safely across tens of millions of miles to their destination each year. Quality Drive Away specializes in delivering to the 48 contiguous United States and Alaska, all ten Canadian provinces, and three Canadian territories from any U.S. point of origin. They also have a strong driver base with certifications to deliver to U.S. governmental installations like port facilities and military bases.

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